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Notice for your inquiries.

In relation to the personal information, which customers write, we administer them with our responsibility in accordance to our firm’s privacy policy.

We will respond the customer’s inquiry within our business hour. Business hour: 9:30~17:00 (Except Saturday, Sunday, holiday, and the year-end and New year holiday.)

Some inquiries would be responded by the person who is in charge of in the firm. And please make sure we would respond the customer’s inquiries by telephone or letters if we take time to respond or we cannot reply.

The e-mail sent from our firm will be sent just for the customers yourselves, so please refrain from reproducing or using twice the part of the e-mail or all.

There would be the case that the part of pictures would not be displayed or functioned in accordance to the devices, browser, and environment of the applications. Please keep them in your mind in advance.

The reply will be sent with the domain below in response to the inquiries. []

※Please unlock the system of rejection of the domain above in order to receive the mail from the domain.

The forms of inquiries

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◆Contact Address

Thank you for writing in the form.By checking the checkbox below to send your inquiries,
you shall be deemed to have agreed to the privacy policy on this site.

◆Privacy Policy◆

We Toyo Kinzoku Kogyosho, Co. Ltd. (hereafter, our firm) consider the importance of personal information. In order to preserve the information, our firm respect the law, which applies to the preservation of the personal information, and we will take actions based on the privacy policy set below:

The privacy policy will be applied to the all action involved with the customers’ personal information.
Therefore, the privacy policies are supposed to be presented on our firm’s web site and the printed matter if necessary.

1.The definition of personal information

“Personal information” is the information which can be recognized the person, such as name, postcode, address, phone number, age, the date of the birth, sex, occupation, post, e-mail address etc.

2.About the use and collection of the personal information.

When our firm collects the customers’ personal information, the action will be limited in the range of necessities legally, and we notice the customers to give their personal information by their decision.

If the necessity, which utilize the personal information that goes beyond the range stated in advance arouse, our firm will notice the customers about new purpose of the use, and we will receive the customers’ agreement or disagreement by their decision.

If the customers would not like to give their personal information or do not agree to the notice of the novel purpose of the use, there would be the case the customers cannot use the service, where their personal information is required.

3.About the administration and preservation of the personal information.

Our firm is supposed to conduct sufficient administration of the personal information given by the customers under the responsibility of the administrators. We will make efforts to preserve the personal information by the necessary and reasonable counterplan against the unacceptable external access, the loss, the destruction.

4.About not giving the personal information to the third person.

Our firm will not give the customers’ personal information to the third person except for the below.

The case that the police officers or public institution require our firm to give the personal information to them based on the law.

5.About the display of the personal information, which our firm holds

If the customers are demanded to display their personal information, our firm will follow the law (it was enforced completely on April first in 2005, hereafter ‘the Personal Protection Law). Also, we will display the categorized customers’ personal information in the term set by law by the necessary investigation through our firm’s procedure without any delay except for the case below.

The threat which would do damage to the others’ life, body, and estate and the other rights and profits.

The threat which would do serious damage to our firm’s enterprises.

The case that it is illegal to display the personal information.

6.About the correction, addition, delete, and suspension of the personal information, which our firm holds.

If he customers would like our firm to correct, add, delete (hereafter, ‘correction et cetera’) the categorized customers’ personal information, which our firm holds, we will follow the Personal Protection Law, and we will correct et cetera the categorized personal information, which are held in the term law sets, after the necessary investigation et cetera and through our firm’s procedure without any delay.

7. About our firm’s privacy policy

Our firm’s privacy policy would be revised after checking it if necessary. If it is, we will display the revised one.

The date of revision:January 10th, 2015

If you would like to inquire the procedure of the display, correction and so forth of your personal information or if you would like to inquire the matters which are not stated above, please call us in the form below.

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