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Like conducting an orchestra..

Deep drawing is considered the most difficult of the numerous press-working techniques.

It requires that many processing conditions be met, including the type of material, precision, and shape of the metal die; the type and quantity of processing oil; the processing speed and temperature; the material to be processed; the metal die setting precision; and more.

Merely arranging for and setting the appropriate conditions will not ensure stable production.

All of the conditions must be kept in careful balance.

Many people assume that after the operator has set the appropriate processing conditions, all of them remain constant during mass production.

But strictly speaking, processing conditions are in a state of constant change.

You need to know what changes can occur, anticipate them, and maintain their overall balance.

For that purpose, just as with an orchestra, you need a competent conductor.

As a group of deep-drawing experts backed by years of experience, we boast a number of competent conductors who excel at their craft.

We are the guardians of quality.

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